Phím Bấm Điều Khiển DALI - DA-SG-4PM-W

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  • Thương hiệu: CP Electronics
  • Mã SKU: DA-SG-4PM-W
  • Loại: Dimmer Độc Lập DALI
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Thông tin chi tiết

The DA-SG-4PM-W is a single channel broadcast controller for DALI or DSI devices. The product has the following controls.

Scene buttons

Four buttons that offer 4 lighting levels. The default levels are:

  1. 100% brightness
  2. 75% brightness
  3. 50% brightness
  4. 25% brightness

These levels can be easily changed, see below.

Raise and lower function

Use either buttons 1 and 2 to raise the light level. Use either buttons 3 and 4 to lower the light level.

Off button

Toggle between lights off and last selected Scene.

Note: the data sent from the DALI output is in broadcast mode and is not suitable for addressed systems, it is also not compatible with D-Mate addressers. For D-Mate addressers use DM-SG-4SM-W.

Features and Benefits
  • Compatible with both DALI and DSI devices
  • 4 button operation enables 4 lighting levels or scenes to be set up
  • Intuitive push button interface
  • Visual feedback via LED lit bezel
  • Designed to fit both UK and EU style backboxes
  • Low profile fascia with concealed screw fasteners

Fascia available in a range of finishes.

Scenes can be selected via infrared using the UHS7 handset.

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