Legrand KNX DALI dimming DIN controller 2x64 ballasts

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The KNX/DALI gateway ref. 0 026 98 is a DIN modular device equipped with 2 fully addressable DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) channels able to control up to 64 DALI ECGs each. DALI protocol allows not only to send switching/dimming commands but also to receive status informations, lamps failure informations and other error signals coming from DALI bus. Both KNX and DALI configuration is made with ETS and through its application program main possible functions are: - Switching, dimming or dimming value send - Operating sequence selection: normal, night, timer, constant light mode - Configure scene control (up to 32 scenes) - Configure power failure ballasts behaviour - Select error messages to report from DALI BUS (e.g. DALI device failure, DALI short circuit…) The KNX/DALI gateway ref. 0 026 98 is powered by main at 230 V a.c.

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