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An addresser takes in a message from an addressable DALI system and translates it into a broadcast message so that the luminaire drivers(s) or ballast(s) does not have to be addressed using a PC or other methods. There are two ranges of addressers.

The DA-SL-AD series are a range of addressers that can be setup using simple to use DIL switches for addressing a DALI group. The DA-SL-AP series are a range of addressers that can be setup using the UNLCDHS programming handset and the DM-ADP-PRG programming adaptor. The UNLCDHS is then used for addressing a DALI group, DALI short address and other parameters (see product guide). Two termination versions are available. The stand alone version is designed for is suitable for mounting remotely using screw terminals. The -SP version is designed for fitting inside a luminaire using spring connectors. UK Patent no. GB2467196 International patents pending.

These addressers can be used in the following systems
  • D-Mate lighting control system
  • DALI control system
The addressers also have the following standards features
  • Simple means of addressing a DALI group
  • No power needed to addresser whilst setting the addresses
Available with the following options
  • Digital output version that can drive DALI or DSI ballasts
  • Relay option for supplying switched mains to loads
  • 1–10V version for analogue ballasts

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